Sunday, November 06, 2005

The dignity of labor

I'm about as pro-immigrant as they come, but if France doesn't take a serious look at its immigration policy, they're just crazy. If things are this bad among the Islamic subculture communities when they're 10% of the population, imagine the difficulties France will be facing in 30 or 40 years' time. We're talking about an existential threat to la Patrie's liberal culture and political order (for all I know maybe they have already made it difficult to immigrate if you're from an Islamic country, but if so, they should continue down this path).

The French ought to implement a system whereby being from a nation with a major terrorism problem counts against your immigration application, points-wise. That way they don't have to out-and-out discriminate on the basis of religion. Fair? Maybe not to the individual from, say, Morocco or Tunisia who's not an OBL supporter. But France's right to preserve its existence ought to outweigh a would-be immigrant's right to a fair French immigration policy.

France should also radically cut back its stupid welfare policies. I'm not talking about junking national healthcare or old age pensions or anything. But clearly the French preference for la sécurité has weakened the economy's ability to utilize human capital. Immigrants to the US come here to do hard, sometimes dangerous, and usually low-paying work. But there is dignity in labor, and it can be a ticket to integration into the wider society.

Idling in state housing projects while waiting for your government check to arrive is just the opposite.


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